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Charlie, Charlie! (2018) - Short Film
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Director Statement

Once I realised that the script I had written was too ambitious for my first ever film, considering I was producing it and funding it myself, with no school to back me up or connections in the industry, I challenged myself to write a script that could be shot entirely on one location, and requiring only one on-screen actor.

Forever a fan of the psychological thriller genre and drawing inspiration from the Europan style of cinema, I wrote the script for Charlie, Charlie! Creating the character and the setting with an actor and a location already in my mind. We had the privilege of working with up-and-coming British actor James Noir, whose experience and talent were a big factor during the film's production.

Working with a team made up of talented artists with creative minds, but very little experience in the audiovisual and film department, it was through persistance, trial and error that we managed to create a film that lived up to the standard that we were expecting to achieve. This film would not have been possible without such a determined team and from the experience we look to the future with excitement at the potential for new projects. We hope this film will reach a wider audience to start putting us all on the map.

Charlie, Charlie! (2018)

Full Credit List

- Written & Directed by: Daniel Elkin

- Cinematography by: Zak Mohamed

- Produced by: Daniel Elkin, Zak Mohamed, Victoria Barrera, Raveena Rai

- Starring: James Noir, William Smale, William Miller, Haris Ur-Rehman

- Edited by: Daniel Elkin, Zak Mohamed, Victoria Barrera, Raveena Rai

- Original Music by: Raveena Rai

- Makeup by: Jessica Ferrigno

A young man finds himself in an interrogation room after an event involving his mentally unstable twin brother. But when evidence of a murder points at him, even he starts questioning his own sanity. 

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