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Click on the poster to watch the full film + BTS photos, Director statement and complete credits. 

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The Man of the House (Coming 2023)

- Written & Directed: Daniel Elkin

- Cinematography: Victoria Barrera- Howarth

- Produced: Clare McCahery, Daniel Elkin

- Starring: Phoebe Lourdes, Andrew Johnston, Jessica Paul


Chloe and Tash spend the night away at a cabin in the Irish countryside. But their night takes a turn when the handsome yet creepy Airbnb host knocks on their door in the night, with strange ramblings about a cosmic event in the sky.

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Epilogue (2020)

- Written & Directed: Daniel Elkin

- Cinematography: Victoria Barrera - Howarth

- Produced: Daniel Elkin, Victoria Barrera

- Starring: David Barden, Jessica Paul


The decay of a relationship between two lovers, told through their first and last ever conversation with each other.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Life Screenings Int
Manchester Official Selection (W) .png
SEMI-FINALIST - Independent Film Awards
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Copper Coast Intern
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Fisheye Film Festiv
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Cheat Code (2021)

- Written & Directed: Daniel Elkin

- Cinematography: Ian Livesey

- Produced: Daniel Elkin, Bruna Deusdado, Jessica Paul

- Starring: Tom Feasby, Jessica Paul, Chris Woods, Marianne Majluf


Will wakes up after a drunken night out, to a text from his girlfriend Mia coming up to his flat. When he realises that there's another girl, Hannah, in bed with him, he decides to ask his flatmate Eddy to pretend she had been with him. But things start to get awkward when Eddy and Hannah walk into the kitchen, where Will and Mia are making breakfast...

Cheat code laurels.png
Manchester Online 22 (W).png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Panama City Independent Film Festival - 2022.png
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Charlie, Charlie! (2018)

- Written & Directed: Daniel Elkin

- Cinematography: Zak Mohamed

- Produced: Daniel Elkin, Victoria Barrera

- Starring: James Noir


A young man from Birmingham finds himself in an interrogation room after an event involving his mentally unstable twin brother. But when evidence of a murder points at him, even he starts questioning his own sanity.

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