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Director Statement

The genesis of the idea for this film came from my experiences working as a bartender for 7 years in the UK. A collection of experiences and interactions I have witnessed, told in the form of a dark comedy with a satirical take on a horror. Inspired by the work of creative geniuses  Jordan Peele and Donald Glover, we set out to make a film that would blend genres into a weird, twisted tale that makes you laugh, cringe, and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Our international, and a female led crew really illustrates the multicultural UK film industry, an opportunity to express a variety of voices, which is one of the strongest ingredients for storytelling. 

With a very small budget and a cast and crew total of 12 people, we managed to shoot this 21-page script in only 3 days. Doing exterior night shoots at -5 degrees, made for a beautifully challenging and rewarding on set experience that couldn’t have been achieved without an absolute dream team of a cast and crew.

The level of talent and commitment that was displayed that weekend from a crew of such young, hungry filmmakers, drove the shoot to help us achieve the vision we had for this short.

The Man of the House (2023)

 Spending the night at a secluded AirBnB in the Irish countryside, Chloe & Tash’s night takes an unexpected turn when the host turns up unannounced with peculiar ramblings about a cosmic event in the sky.

Full Credit List

- Written & Directed by: Daniel Elkin

- Produced by: Clare McCahery, Daniel Elkin

- Cinematography by: Victoria Barrera Howarth

- First Assistant Director: James Ormrod

- Starring: Phoebe Lourdes, Jessica Paul, Andrew Johnston

- Edited by: Daniel Elkin

- Sound Recording: Holly Early

- Original Music by: James Coulthard

Gaffer: India Moan

VFX Artist: Alex Hitrenko

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