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Daniel Elkin

Director | Producer | Writer | Editor
Green Lens Chronicles is my own personal brand that ties all my work together. I'm a filmmaker at heart, but a writer first. That's how I see myself. I was writing short stories ever since I learned how to write, and since discovering Windows Movie Maker at 9 years old, I haven't stopped making films. Stop-motion Star Wars action figure videos have evolved into 4 independently produced and funded short films, all of which have been screened at international film festivals, 20+ travel videos from around the world, and many more projects and collaborations.
I was born in Colombia, raised in Peru, but each of my grandparents comes from a different country. At 26 I've lived in 4 different countries- 5 cities. My identity as a nomad, a cocktail of nationalities and ethnicities has shaped my vision of the world which I now seek to share through audiovisual expression.

As a latino filmmaker in the UK, I aspire to create bridges between Latin American and both European and British co-productions, becoming a driving force for the film industry in my country.
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