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Cheat Code (2022) - Short Film
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Director Statement

I've always thought that writing and directing a comedy is the hardest genre to do. So for my third short film, I decided to challenge myself with doing just that. Operating on a slightly higher budget than for my previous two films, I wanted to create a comedy that was under 10 minutes, high intensity, simple and memorable.


'Cheat Code' was shot entirely in under 12 hours, in what was a beautiful set environment, full of young talented filmmakers and artists all collaborating to reach the common goal of making this short film the best it could be. We could not be more happy with the end result.


I worked with 4 brilliant actors from different parts of the UK, and one from Peru, as well as having the privilege of working with the experienced and well respected cinematographer Ian Livesey, which really reflected on the high quality of the project.


With this film we hope to follow the success of my previous two shorts, which made it into multiple international festivals, finding a platform to share our work, express our voices, and take the next step in our filmmaking journey.

Cheat Code (2022)

Full Credit List

- Written & Directed by: Daniel Elkin

- Cinematography by: Ian Livesey

- First Assistant Director: Bruna Deusdado

- Produced by: Daniel Elkin, Bruna Deusdado, Jessica Paul

- Starring: Tom Feasby, Jessica Paul, Chris Woods, Marianne Majluf

- Edited by: Daniel Elkin

- Sound Recording: Craig Rihoy

- Sound Editing: Joseph Taylor-Lindsay

- Script Supervisor: Clare McCahery

 Will wakes up after a drunken night out, to a text from his girlfriend Mia coming up to his flat. When he realizes that there's another girl, Hannah, in bed with him, he decides to ask his flatmate Eddy to pretend she had been with him. But things start to get awkward when Eddy and Hannah walk into the kitchen, where Will and Mia are making breakfast..

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