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Land of Mine

War films have existed in some form ever since the beginning of film. The universal themes and compelling storylines that can arise from such terrible and horror-ridden events have been of a special interest to even the most casual filmgoers. But because war films have been around for so long, telling a genuinely gripping war story is a tall task...


The Lost City of Z

In this day and age, I find it disappointingly hard to get excited for big blockbuster film releases. I can proudly say that I can now suppress the faux excitement that invades us while we watch formulaic trailers tailor-made to stimulate the specific spots needed in our brains to make us think “Wow, that film looks awesome!” and get us to (pay) watch it. As a result, I avoid most of the onslaught of soul-less films that, despite their massive budgets and over-the-top special effects, end up being surprisingly forgettable... 


The Red Turtle

One of the best films I have seen this year comes in the shape of The Red Turtle, a different, wonderful work of art that’s touching, elegant, and quite ethereal. It’s only the third film produced by the world-renown Japanese animation film studio Studio Ghibli since the studio’s co-founder, Hayao Miyazaki, retired...


Y Tu Mama Tambien

Few films that have come from Latin America resonate quite as strongly as the Mexican film, Y Tu Mamá También (2001), which translates directly to “And Your Mum, Too”. A blend between dark comedy, drama, road movie and coming-of-age, as well as being an exploration through some of Mexico’s most prevalent problems...

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